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My love affair with audio books has been going on for well over a dozen years now (it’s okay, my wife knows!). Years ago it was cassettes, then CDs, and now I am able to simply download audio books to my PC or iPod. Let me tell you, the ease and convenience of that thrills me to no end! When you are an audio book addict like me you want to get your “fix” any way you can.

When I am able to download audio books then I can have them instantly, and who doesn’t like instant gratification! I don’t have to wait for a package to arrive in the mail or wonder if it got lost when it’s late. And I don’t have a physical product taking up space on my already overcrowded audio book bookshelves at home.

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There are so many reasons I love audio books. Fortunately my wife and kids love them just about as much as I do. So there are no family conflicts there. In fact, sometimes I download audio books that I know we can enjoy as a family. We can listen to them together which creates more quality family time. One of the all time favorites for listening as a family has been the overwhelmingly popular Harry Potter series. Being a kid at heart, I enjoy those. My wife does too although she won’t admit it as readily. And my kids can’t get enough Harry Potter! (They like to download audio books too every chance they get!)

One of the main reasons I love audio books is they let me enjoy hundreds of books which I would never be able to do if I had to find time to sit down and read them. I can download audio books to my iPod and listen to them just about anywhere while doing just about anything. (Now, what junkie can say THAT about their substance of choice?!) And I don’t have to leave my home to download audio books!

I can download audio books and listen to them in my car, which is great since there are times when I have to do a lot of driving. I especially like to listen to motivational, business, or personal development audio books when I am driving alone. Family trips in the car are perfect for listening to audio books. Since everyone has an iPod, each person can download audio books on it and listen to his or her own, or we can listen to one together on a CD. Harry Potter got a lot of play time during our last family vacation. What a great way to keep your kids entertained!

I also like to download audio books and listen to them on my iPod while I am exercising, running errands, or tinkering around the house. It’s a great way to pass them time especially when you are doing something you don’t really enjoy or is tedious (like waxing the car!).

If you want to download audio books there are many good audio book sites online. Some of these sites specialize in certain types of audio books, but many of them provide a huge variety from which to choose. Typically you start with a free trial, and during this time you can download audio books for free. It may be only one or two, but definitely worth it! The memberships are usually very reasonably priced, which makes them affordable for most people. Once you complete the trial period, then you can rent, purchase, or download audio books each month depending on the membership plan you choose.

Audio books are truly amazing. I highly recommend you sign up for a free trial and listen to one today if you never have. You’ll quickly wonder why you didn’t try audio books a long time ago!

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