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Being the “Audio Book King”, I am very familiar with just about every audio book website on the Internet (and a member of far too many!).  But one of the very best ones is, so I want to give you my “expert” Audible review.  If you are interested in audio books, I truly cannot recommend this site highly enough, which is why I wanted to do this Audible review!

I have to start my Audible review by saying that this site has one of the largest selections of audio books you will find anywhere.  When it comes to digital audio books, they have over 60,000 titles to choose from!!  I don’t know about you, but I find that absolutely amazing!   So you shouldn’t have any problem finding hundreds of audio books which interest you….and that should keep you busy listening for the next couple hundred years!

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In this Audible review I want to point out that they offer four different membership plans.  You choose a plan based on the number of credits you would like.  There are two Gold plans; monthly and yearly, and two Platinum plans, also monthly and yearly.  Of course the annual plans will save you money, but not everyone wants to commit to a year upfront.   With the Gold plans you get either one credit per month or 12 credits all at once, and with the Platinum you get two credits per month or 24 all at once.  One credit typically equals one audio book. 

I need to mention in this Audible review that you get a really great deal if you join the monthly Gold plan.  For the first three months you pay only $7.49 per month!  After that it’s only $14.95, so very affordable!  When you use your credits towards a purchase you receive up to 75% off the retail price of audio CDs.  And if you want to purchase more after you’ve used your credits, you will get 30% off.  This makes purchasing audio books extremely affordable! (I love doing this Audible review because there are so many great benefits with this company!)

As part of my Audible review, I want to stress how convenient it is to buy audio books from  You can download them instantly, which means no waiting for them to be shipped in the mail.  And once you download them, you can take them with you and listen to them any time, any place.  That’s why I absolutely love audio books and had to do this Audible review.  You will be able to enjoy so many more books this way, since you don’t have to sit down and read. 

Another great thing to mention here in my Audible review is that while they are primarily known for audio books, they offer much more.  They have newspapers and magazines, regular radio, nostalgia radio, comedy, arts and entertainment and TV podcasts all in audio format as well.  So you have access to just about everything you can imagine!  My Audible review would simply not do this company justice if I didn’t point this out.  

I love audio books so much that I really enjoy letting everyone know how great they are so they can experience them also.  I really hope my Audible review gets you thinking about becoming a member of  I guarantee your life will be enriched once you start experiencing audio books. is one of the best companies online in terms of their customer service also.  And I forgot to mention earlier in this Audible review, that as a member you will have privileged access to their sales, discounts and other promotions, giving you even greater deals on all of their products!  Join today. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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