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If you have never purchased audio books for sale, I strongly recommend that you look into it. I have been purchasing them for many years now. Truth be told, I am a bit of an addict when it comes to audio books! It is much easier to listen to an audio book than to sit down and read a book. I can get through so many more books by listening to them while driving, flying, resting, waiting, practicing, working at the home or doing other things. Audio books for sale are truly the perfect invention for a perpetual multi-tasker like me!

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You can find audio books for sale at regular bookstores as well as many online stores. They are generally available as either CDs or MP3 downloads. Some older audio books for sale are still available on cassette tape. With online audio book sellers, you can often try out one or two of their audio books for sale during an initial trial period. This usually lasts for two weeks and is a risk free way of seeing if you like their services and selection.

If you don’t cancel during the trial period, then you start paying their monthly subscription. With most sites this is very affordable. One of the biggest benefits of a membership site is the significant discount you can get on audio books for sale. Some of them are as much as 75% off normal retail prices. I have saved a literal fortune by purchasing audio books for sale via membership sites. The selection of audio books for sale can be pretty amazing, depending on the site. I belong to a few so I can get just about any audio book I am looking for.

One of my great experiences with audio books for sale was a bittersweet one from just a few years ago. My cousin, who had been like a brother to me growing up, was in a very serious car accident and on life support in the hospital. He lived almost 300 miles away and I drove there as soon as I found out. Our two kids were both sick with the flu so my wife stayed home with them.

Shortly after I got to the hospital, my cousin passed away. I remember feeling an unbearable sense of loss. It was the first time someone really close to me had died. I did my best to comfort my aunt and uncle, but was struggling with my own grief. I had to drive back home the next day and wondered how I would make the long drive alone. I had plenty of CDs in the car but wanted one that would help me with this loss. I knew I could find audio books for sale that would help.

I stopped by a bookstore before I started the drive home. I quickly found the audio books for sale and saw Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s audio CD, Is There Life After Death? That sounded perfect so I got it and played it on the way home. I’m not a particularly religious person, but this CD was very comforting to me. In the audio book she talks about her research on life after death. It really lifted my spirits as she shared stories of people who had almost died at one point or another. I found great comfort in thinking about my cousin. This beautiful audio book helped me make the tediously long drive home, giving me both hope and a sense of peace.

I tell this story because it’s an example of the power of audio books, and how helpful they can be when you aren’t able to stop and read. I really encourage you to explore the various audio books for sale. I have quite a library of my own these days, and this particular audio book will always hold a special place as it helped me through a painful loss.

Audio Books For Sale

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