Audio Books for the Blind

Audio books for the blind are really a wonderful thing. I have been a huge fan of audio books for many years now. My wife and children enjoy them as much as I do, and over the years we have purchased or rented hundreds of them. But one thing that makes audio books especially great is that they open doors for people who are unable to read due to visual impairment. Audio books for the blind have significantly improved and enriched the lives of millions of people over the years. I know the impact of this firsthand, because my grandfather is essentially blind. Audio books for the blind have significantly improved his quality of life.

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Audio books for the blind are perfect for elderly people like him. My grandfather is 82 and he has always loved to read. When I was a kid he would always read me a story whenever we visited him. I remember always being in awe of all the books he had. But as he got older he developed severe cataracts and despite surgery, he is still significantly sight impaired. My grandmother has to do a lot of things for him because he can barely see.

Several years ago for his birthday I bought him some audio book CDs. I had read something about audio books for the blind and it hit me that that was the perfect gift for him. I knew that he loved westerns and mysteries, as well as nonfiction books on history and other topics. So I asked my grandmother about some of his favorite authors and went shopping. I was so excited to give them to him because I knew that he hadn’t purchased audio books for the blind before. My grandmother was excited because she knew this would be a very enjoyable way for him to fill up his time and relieve some of the boredom he was experiencing.

Well, the audio books for the blind were a huge hit with Grandpa! That was several years ago and he now has quite a significant collection of audio books for the blind that he can listen to for hours on end. He has some as CDs but now he has an iPod (one of my next gifts for him!) and so I get them in MP3 format and download them onto his iPod. He loves that because he can sit outside on their porch and listen to audio books any time.

A lot of people don’t realize how many people around them are so visually impaired that reading is very difficult or impossible. Like my grandfather, many elderly people either can no longer read or have a very difficult time so audio books for the blind are perfect for them. One of our neighbors has a son who is legally blind due to an accident. They love audio books for the blind because it gives their son a much richer experience than trying to read using Braille, which he has really struggled with learning.

Of the millions of people in the USA alone who are legally blind, only a small percentage can read Braille. So audio books for the blind have really opened up doors for them which were closed years ago. These books provide both entertainment as well as learning opportunities. Just as it did for my grandfather, the gift of audio books for the blind can brighten up someone’s life in an amazing way. It’s as if a door that had been closed for a long time was suddenly opened to a whole new world!

Audio Books For The Blind

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