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My wife and I absolutely love our audio books library!  We are both avid readers, but we are also both busy professionals so audio books allow us to “read” books that we would never have time for otherwise.  We can listen to audio books while doing a variety of tasks.  We are always getting new audio books to listen to on long drives, plane trips, when working out and when doing chores such as house cleaning.  Needless to say, our audio books library has grown quite large since we first started buying audio books several years ago. 

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There are several advantages to having an audio books library rather than a lot of paperback or hardcover books.  Following are several good reasons to invest in an audio books library:

1.  With regular books, you have to sit down and focus on reading.  You can’t read a book and do something else at the same time.  You can’t read a book while you are jogging, driving, cleaning and even shopping.  With audio books you can multi-task!  If you download it to your iPod, you can listen to an audio book while you are doing just about anything.  So this is one of the best reasons for having an audio books library.

2.  Another reason my wife and I really love our audio books library is because it is really good for the environment.  Regular books use a significant amount of paper, which means a lot of trees are cut down every year just for book printing.  Audio books, especially in downloadable formats, do no harm at all to the environment.  No trees are being used, no ink made from harmful chemicals, and nothing to put in landfills.  If you care about the environment, an audio books library is a perfect alternative to regular books!

3.  An audio books library is really great if you have kids of any age.  Audio books are excellent teaching aids.  Your kids can listen to an entertaining audio book that is also educational.  They do plenty of reading for school, so a good audio books library will provide an alternative, giving them a break from regular reading while giving them the learning benefits. 

Also, if you have lots of fun story books in your audio books library, you can sit and listen with your kids or have them listen while you do other things.  It gives you a break from reading stories if you are too busy or tired, but you can still listen along with them if you choose.

Stories in our audio books library that our two children have especially loved since they were young include The Jungle Book, Pinocchio, Treasure Island, and Wind in the Willows.  Our 12 year old son especially loved the Dr. Seuss books. 

You really want to consider audio books.  The selection of audio books is amazing, and the prices are great.  You will be able to enjoy many more books than you could ever find time to read.  Consider starting your own audio books library today.  You won’t regret it!

Audio Books Library

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