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I am always getting my friends turned on to audio books rentals.  I have been renting and buying audio books for many years now and have quite an audio book library.  My wife loves them and even our kids listen to audio books all the time.  Audio books rentals are great if you are new to audio books and aren’t sure about purchasing them, but you wanted to try out some books on CD. With audio books rentals you become a member and rent the audio books you are interested in. The audio books rentals are mailed to you and you have a certain amount of time to listen to them before you have to return them.

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You can usually get very inexpensive memberships which makes listening to books this way a great way to save money.  There are usually limits as to how many audio books rentals you can get each month, depending on your membership plan.  Some of them also offer an initial trial period so you can try out the site, rent one or two books either at no charge or for a much discounted fee.  This way you can see if you like the site and then either cancel or join as a member.

Audio books rentals are great particularly if you are really busy.  During long drives or runs, my work out sessions, or when I’m playing the role of handy man around the house; all are great times to listen to an audio book.  It makes time fly and I can take in so many books.  With so many audio books rentals available in unabridged versions, I rarely sit down and read a regular book anymore.

Awhile back I got one of my good friends from the gym really interested in audio books rentals.  He was always telling me how he loves to read but just doesn’t have time.  He noticed that I am often listening to my iPod while I work out and assumed I was just listening to music.  He was quite surprised to find out that I was actually listening to an audio book.  We started talking about all the benefits of audio books rentals and he wasted no time in joining a site.  Now we are always swapping stories about which recent audio books we really liked!

One of the recent audio books rentals I enjoyed was a motivational book by the well-known writer Napoleon Hill.  I had listened to his best-selling book Think and Grow Rich a few years ago.  So I decided to rent the audio CD titled Napoleon Hill’s Keys to Success: The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement.  I always enjoy audio books like this which help me both personally and financially.  He covers 17 different success principles and how to implement them in your life.  I found it to be very inspiring and even recommended it to my buddy at the gym.  It has definitely been one of my favorite audio books rentals.

If you haven’t tried audio books, I can’t recommend them enough.  There are so many advantages to audio books, especially if you have a really busy life but love books.  Audio books rentals are a great place to start!

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