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I love audio books and am always looking to buy audio books online.  With all the great services out there I can find almost any book I desire.  I can purchase them as a CD if I choose, and have them shipped to me, or I can save a lot of money and buy audio books online and just download them in MP3 format.  Then I can listen to them on my PC or put them on my iPod.  These are especially great for when I go on a run, workout at the gym, or just want something to listen to while I’m doing stuff at home.

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I have found that with most sites that allow you to buy audio books online, there is a free trial to start with.  While they vary from site to site, many offer you a two week free trial in which you can get one audio book.  You can either cancel before the two weeks are up or then join as a member and pay a very affordable monthly subscription.  Some sites don’t have a free trial.  Instead they will give you a discount, like 50% or more, for the first couple of months and then you pay the regular subscription rate after that.  Whichever way you go you will save a ton of money when you buy audio books online.  It really is a great service (especially if you are an audio book junkie like me!).

For me, being able to listen to audio books everywhere I go is fantastic!  I rarely have time to sit down to eat let alone sit down and read a book.  But with audio books, I can just sit back and let someone else do the reading for me!  Can’t beat that!  After I buy audio books online I can listen to them practically anywhere.  I can listen in my car, on my PC while I’m doing other things online, or on my iPod.  There really is no limit!  As long as I have my audio books I’m pretty much a happy camper!! Just ask my wife…sometimes she wonders who I’m married to…her, or my audio books! (She doesn’t complain too much because she listens to them too!)  She’ll never admit it, but she loves that I often buy audio books online!

If you have yet to buy audio books online you are in for a real treat!  There is something for everyone, so whatever type of books you like you will have plenty to choose from.  They come in just about every category imaginable:  sports, westerns, fiction, non-fiction, thrillers and horror stories, mushy romance, boring history (yes, my biases are showing here!), science fiction, fantasy fiction, self-help, business, mysteries, children’s stories, even poetry.  You can get all those when you buy audio books online.

Just about any book that has been a best seller is available if you buy audio books online.  Two famous audio books that I have absolutely loved include the 1960 classic To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, and Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People.  To Kill a Mockingbird addresses two very difficult issues:  racism and rape.  The key character is Atticus Finch, and he is one of my personal heroes as he grapples with issues of morals and integrity.  Every time I listen to this incredible book it requires me to look deep within and challenge myself in terms of how I live my life.  And afterwards I am always left standing a bit taller and straighter.

How to Win Friends and Influence People is an excellent book in terms of improving your relationships with others.  Dale Carnegie does an outstanding job of showing you how to influence others (in a good way!), how to get people to like you, and how to have relationships that are truly mutually beneficial.  This book has had a tremendous influence on my life, particularly in my career.  Even though it was written over 70 years ago, the principles apply today.  I would highly recommend both of these outstanding books to anyone looking to buy audio books online!

You really can’t go wrong with audio books!  They have truly impacted my life in a great way.  Since I can listen to them just about anywhere, as well as while doing other things, I can enjoy far more books than I ever would if I had to sit down and read.  When you buy audio books online you will quickly understand why I enjoy them so much!

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