Dan Brown Audio Books

I love nothing more than a well written book.  When I listened to the first of the Dan Brown audio books, The Davinci Code, I was completely enthralled.  I hated it every time I had to stop listening, because it was such an exciting book.  I saw the movie a few months later, and although it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t the same.  After The Davinci Code I had to purchase the other Dan Brown audio books. 

I can say that so far, when it comes to Dan Brown audio books, I have yet to be disappointed!  They are all superb and each one left me wanting more.  He is a master at weaving an excellent story filled with suspense, heart-pounding drama and intrigue.  These audio books show the brilliance of this incredible author.  My wife loves the Dan Brown audio books too.  We have listened to a couple of them together.  Now we just can’t wait until there are many more Dan Brown audio books! 

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The Davinci Code

As I mentioned above, I absolutely loved The Davinci Code.  It is definitely one of my top 10 all time favorite audio books!  It is also my favorite of the Dan Brown audio books I’ve heard so far.   When I listened to The Davinci Code, I was fascinated with the amazing twists and turns in the plot.  There were many times I was delightfully surprised with each new twist. 

Of all the Dan Brown audio books, this one is also the most controversial with its interesting twist on Christian history.  It led to some very interesting discussions with some of my religious friends.  In my opinion, The Davinci Code is meant to be a great novel, not a history book.  That being said, it definitely challenged my thinking on some things.  I cannot recommend The Davinci Code enough.  It is the perfect start to the Dan Brown audio books. 

Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons is another of the Dan Brown audio books, and like the rest it is brilliant and very entertaining.  Angels and Demons is actually the prequel to The Davinci Code and it kept me hooked from the beginning also.  Angels and Demons also provides a lot of rich history and goes more in depth regarding the secret society mentioned in The Davinci Code.  Although over all I enjoyed The Davinci Code more, I highly recommend Angels and Demons also. 

The other two Dan Brown audio books currently available are Deception Point and Digital Fortress.  Both of these are gripping tales of conspiracy,  murder, and betrayal.  Dan Brown’s intelligence and depth of knowledge about so many subjects truly amazes me. Typical of Dan Brown audio books, these two will also keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.  My 14 year old daughter even listened to Digital Fortress and loved it.  It was quite refreshing to discuss a book with her that didn’t involve a Harry Potter character (she’s been hooked on that series for the past several months!). 

My wife just laughs when I listen to Dan Brown audio books.  She knows it means I won’t want to do anything else until I finish listening to the entire book.  She pretends to be annoyed but I know she doesn’t really mind because it keeps me out of her hair for several hours at a time!  Now I can’t wait until the next Dan Brown audio book, The Lost Symbol, which is scheduled for release next month…

Dan Brown Audio Books

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