Do You Know Where Can I Download FREE Audio Books? (Legally)

I absolutely love audio books! As I’ve mentioned before in my amazing blog, “Download Audio Books Now” (it IS amazing but of course I’m biased!), my wife has lovingly deemed me the “Audio Book King”, because of my serious addiction to audio books! After all these years I can safely say I’m definitely an expert when it comes to audio books. I’ve tested the services of just about every audio book site online, and I am a member of several. However, of all the audio book sites there is one which I highly recommend you join, as they are the absolute best by far!

Audible have outstanding selections of audio books as well as several very affordable membership plans from which to choose. This is also excellent an company with great customer service. I have been a member of them for a long time and have never been disappointed.

Following is One of the programs which offers a FREE trial which I highly recommend you to take advantage of.

Download Audio Books

  • Choose from over 100,000 Titles.
  • Get one FREE Audiobook Download.
  • Load your portable device and listen anywhere anytime.
  • Save up to 75% off of CD audiobook’s prices.
  • Rollover up to 6 unused credits each year
  • Get 30 Day FREE Trial.
  • Widest selection of digital audiobooks.
  • Keep your downloads even if you cancel your membership.
  • Compatible with Apple iPod and 500+ Devices.

Audible’s Platinum program – This is one of Audible’s four plans available to their members. In this plan you can save up to 75% off the retail price of all of their CD audio books. You get access to all of the sales and promotions which are available only to their members. One of the best parts about Audible’s Platinum program is their 30 day free trial.

The 30 day free trial is the perfect opportunity to try out the site and experience all the wonderful benefits it has. Also, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get some free audio books! I love it when I can download free audio books. But with Audible, I can just about guarantee that if there is a book you’ve really been wanting to read, they will have it available in their amazing selection of titles from which to choose! So, you can get it for free during the free trial. Really, how can you pass that up?!

Best Regards,
Robert Jennings
Editor, Writer, and Audio Books expert.


I strongly recommend to download FREE audio books(legally) and try both FREE trials at least a few days:

Download one FREE audio books from with 30 days trial.