Doctor Who Audio Books

If you enjoy science fiction, you must get some of the Doctor Who audio books.  The Doctor Who audio books are based on the famous British television series which was on the air from the early 1960’s until 1989.  This TV show actually made the Guinness World Records for being the longest airing TV program in the science fiction category. 

Since science fiction is one of my favorite genres, I of course had to collect many of the Doctor Who audio books. They are very entertaining to listen to.  The premise of the Doctor Who audio books involves “the Doctor”, a time-traveler from another world.  He journeys through space in his blue spacecraft called the Tardis.  During his travels he encounters numerous enemies while helping others along the way and bringing justice to various situations.  Over the course of the 27 year series ten different actors portrayed the Doctor.  These changes were brilliantly woven into the story line as “regenerations”.  Following are three of my favorite Doctor Who audio books.

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Doctor Who: The Resurrection Casket
The Resurrection Casket is one of my favorite Doctor Who audio books.  In this book the Doctor and his companion Rose end up on the planet Starfall.  While there they search for the Resurrection Casket which is said to hold the key to immortality.  While listening to this I noticed that the plot somewhat mimics Treasure Island.  The story line definitely kept me pulled in with several intriguing plot twists. 
Doctor Who: The Daleks’ Master Plan
The Daleks’ Master Plan is another really entertaining story in the Doctor Who audio books.  I really enjoyed listening to this.  I loved hearing the various characters, particularly the Daleks with their strong, harsh voices.  In this episode the Doctor discovers that the Daleks are conspiring to take over the entire Solar System.  This is the perfect audio book to just sit back, close your eyes, and let your imagination go.  This is definitely a top pick when it comes to Doctor Who audio books!   

Doctor Who: The Eyeless

The Eyeless is another of my three favorite Doctor Who audio books.  In this episode the Doctor encounters a cynical, manipulative and bitter young woman, Alsa.  She lives in the devastated city of Arcopolis, where everyone is desperately struggling to survive.  The Doctor is faced with the enormous task of disabling a weapon there which has the power to wipe out the universe.  Alsa, in the meantime, negotiates with telepathic alien creatures called the Eyeless, who have their own agenda.  

Of all the Doctor Who audio books, The Eyeless is probably my very favorite.  Doctor Who is up against incredible odds and this story definitely kept me on the edge of my seat.  It kept my heart pounding all the way through, which to me is a hallmark of great science fiction.  The Doctor Who audio books are definitely worth getting if you are a science fiction fan!  Follow are several that I highly recommend:

•   Doctor Who: The Tomb of the Cybermen
•   Doctor Who Audio Twin CD Loups Garoux
•   Doctor Who: Vol. 3: The Leisure Hive
•   Doctor Who Original Audio Stories Vol 3 CD
•   Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks & Exploration Earth
•   Doctor Who: Marco Polo
•   Doctor Who: The Myth Makers
•   Doctor Who: Prisoner of the Daleks
•   Doctor Who: and the Pescatons
•   Doctor Who: Fury from the Deep

Doctor Who Audio Books

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