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To download audio books free is the greatest thing!  In fact, I have purchased so many that I should probably buy stock in an audio book company!  My wife and kids love them too so at least I know I won’t be sleeping on the couch when the credit card bill comes. Considering how much I love them, it would be great if I could just download audio books free all the time. 

I know that a lot of people have the misperception that if a product is available online in a downloadable format, you should just be able to get it for free.  After all, there’s no physical product, so why should you have to pay?  Just download audio books free and save the money.  Well, it doesn’t work that way, nor should it.  In general, to download audio books free from the internet is against the law.  Not only is it often a copyright violation, it can be outright stealing.  But there are a few exceptions, and one is sites with free trial periods. 

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When I was a just a newbie with regards to audio books, I purchased them in CD format. I’d pop them into my CD player in my car or at home to listen.  But in the past couple of years I’ve bought more and more audio books online from various websites.  With most of these sites I received an initial free trial, which is great.  I could download audio books free for the first week or two, and not be breaking the law!  This has been a nice way to add to my already ridiculously huge collection. 

The way most sites work is that after the free trial, you can no longer download audio books free.  You either cancel during the trial period or you become a monthly subscriber to the site.  During the trial period most sites allow you a limited number of books to download over a two week period.  This gives you the opportunity to try them out and see if you like their quality and service, at no risk. 

I really recommend that you don’t just join a site, download audio books free, and then cancel within a day or two.  You really should use the entire trial period and fully check them out.  I have been really pleased with almost all the sites I have tried and yes, I have a lot of memberships!  After all, I have to feed my audio book addiction.  (Hey, there are much worse things I could be addicted to!!)

One of my first experiences with a site where I could download audio books free during a trial period was when I was training for a marathon.  I don’t know about you, but I quickly found that running for endless miles is quite challenging mentally.  My wonderful wife (who of course talked me into the marathon to begin with!) brilliantly suggested one day that I sign up for a free trial of an online site so I could download audio books free, and find a motivational audio book to listen to while I was running every day.  So, I checked out the site she suggested.  After perusing the vast number of audio books to choose from I decided who better than Wayne Dyer to put on my iPod and occupy my mind during these grueling workouts.  The amazing thing was, it really worked!  I found myself enjoying my training runs more and more rather than dreading them.  I started with his book “Your Erroneous Zones”, followed by several of his other audio books.  Listening to these I started getting much more than just a great cardio workout during my runs.

Download audio books free…what a great concept!  From that point on I was hooked on scoping out every audio book website I could find.  Keep in mind, I wasn’t just looking to download audio books free, although that was a definite perk.  I was looking for quality sites with a good selection to choose from.  I wanted to find the best sites for me as well as my family.  I found that participating in the free trials of at least two or more sites was better than just one, because the selections can really vary. 

While I still enjoy purchasing the physical CD version of many audio books, I really enjoy my online memberships.  Even though you can only download audio books free during the initial trial, you will still save a lot of money with a monthly online membership.  It you’re an audio book addict like me, it’s a win-win!

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