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I really love audio books and have been purchasing them now for well over a decade. Each time I join a new site I love that I get to download free audio books, and I now belong to several online audio book sites as a member. My family and close friends have become audio book fans and like me, it always feels like a treat to download free audio books when they join a new site. Over the years I have accumulated quite an audio book library.

Of course, it would be wonderful to download free audio books every time but the only sites that offer that are usually violating copyright laws. Personally, I want to do things above board and not do something illegal. But considering the great prices of most audio book sites it is still a great value even though you can’t just download free audio books. I’ve cautioned my kids and friends to avoid sites that indicate you can always download free audio books, especially if they are offering recent books.

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One of the things that is really great about most audio books sites is that they offer a free trial period during which you can download free audio books. Usually the trial period is for two weeks and they allow you to download free audio books in order to try out the service. My wife and I both belong to a few of these sites so we have been able to download free audio books many times, really adding to our audio book collection. If you don’t want to join then you need to just cancel before the trial is up. But you will most likely want to join because many have excellent selections at great prices.

My wife’s and my friends always thank us when we introduce them to audio books. Like us they usually become quickly addicted, especially when after they get to download free audio books! A few short years ago one of my wife’s closest friends (whom I’ll call Mary) wanted to start a new business but she just couldn’t get past her fear and self-doubt. On top of that, Mary was newly divorced and money was very tight. My wife told Mary she could download free audio books if she joined a couple sites that we belong to. She wanted her to get the Susan Jeffer’s book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, knowing that would help her move forward with her new business plans. Mary was reluctant but signed up for a site and took advantage of the initial free trial period which allowed her to download free audio books during the first two weeks.

Mary downloaded the Susan Jeffer’s book. In the book Dr. Jeffer’s does a superb job of helping people face their fears, put them in perspective and move forward in spite of them. Mary loved the audio book and it really helped her get past her fear. She started her business, which has become quite lucrative for her. Now she is always telling her friends about audio books so they can download free audio books and see how great they are. If you haven’t tried an audio book site membership, you really are missing out!

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