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Okay, I confess I’m a 40-something male and I LOVE the Harry Potter books. And of course, I had to download Harry Potter audio books in addition to having the regular books! After all, I am THE audio book “king” (or so my wife calls me!) Since I am a busy professional and family man, finding time to sit down and read is rare. But with audio books I can listen while I’m driving or running or working out. And since our whole family loves Harry Potter, being able to download Harry Potter audio books has allowed us to listen to them together as a family.

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If you pay attention at all you know that this young wizard took the world by storm several years ago when his creator, J.K. Rowlings, released the first of seven Harry Potter books to an unsuspecting public. The response was phenomenal and each book has sold like crazy. I know I couldn’t resist and had to download Harry Potter audio books! Fantastic tales of wizards, witches and elves, spells and potions, evil lords and diabolical creatures captivate me every time I listen.

You can download Harry Potter audio books individually, or you can also download Harry Potter audio books in the entire, unabridged seven book series. When you listen to the audio version, the voice of the talented Jim Dale will make you feel like a child during story time. When I listen to them I forget everything else while my heart races and chills overtake me as I imagine being right there with Harry and his friends. Together we fight off the ghoulish Death Eaters and ghastly Dementors, speed through the air in flying cars, and make magical potions….

Okay, back to reality! The seven book series takes you through several years of Harry’s adolescence as a student at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When you download Harry Potter audio books you will experience a whole new world unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. J.K. Rowlings is truly a master storyteller as she weaves this magical tale.

One thing I’m sure you’ll especially like when you download Harry Potter audio books is that you can get the series in an unabridged version. So many audio books contain only a condensed version of the physical book, which I always find very disappointing. When I first decided to download Harry Potter audio books for my family, we were thrilled that every juicy detail, every intriguing twist and turn, and every magical tidbit was included. Nothing is left out!

One word of caution, be sure to download Harry Potter audio books only from a legitimate website. There are many sites which offer free but pirated copies of this extremely popular series. They will say you can download Harry Potter audio books for no cost, but if you do it is most likely illegal. Unless it is a site which is offering a free trial it is best to stay away. Free trial offers are a great way to experience audio books, but the trial offer will not be an entire series like this.

My family and I have thoroughly enjoyed the Harry Potter series. We have listened to these books on long drives as well as at home as a family. If you haven’t yet, you really must download Harry Potter audio books and experience it for yourself. Indulge yourself in a magical world where anything can happen, and you never know what’s coming next. And while you do that, I’m going to grab my iPod and listen to my newest audio book!

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