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My wife has affectionately deemed me the “Audio Book King” because of my love for audio books, especially a free audio book. (She thought “king” sounded much better than “addict”, although the latter is probably more accurate!). I absolutely love audio books. Being a busy professional with a family, I rarely have the luxury of sitting down to read. But with audio books, I can listen while driving, working out, running, or doing mindless tasks. I can download them onto my iPod, pop a CD into my car, or listen to the MP3 version on my computer. I’ve been buying them since they first came on the market years ago. They’re truly the best thing since sliced bread!

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While free is always great, if you’re looking to get the latest best-seller by Dan Brown, you won’t likely get it as a free audio book. In fact, if you stumble across an individual or a site offering a current best-seller as a free audio book download, it is likely illegal. So you want to be careful of those types of offers. However, I have found, much to my delight, that there are a couple of ways to get excellent free audio books.

The first way is to join audio book sites that offer free trials. Often during the free trial you will have a couple weeks to download a free audio book. If you enjoy it then of course they hope you will join their monthly membership. This is a great way to access an audio book that you’ve been dying to buy. Of course, I don’t recommend that you join for only two or three days just to get the free audio book and then cancel.

With a free trial you often have a great selection of popular titles to choose from for your free audio book. The first time I did this was after my wife talked me into running a marathon. (I’m pretty sure this was her subtle plan to help me lose the love handles that I’d acquired after several years of marriage!) Anyway, I wasn’t particularly enjoying the daily miles and miles of running, so I signed up for a free audio book offer from an online site. Being big on self-improvement, I chose one of Wayne Dyer’s classic best-sellers, “Your Erroneous Zones”. I figured listening to him help keep me inspired!

Well, I absolutely loved the free audio book (which I downloaded to my iPod) and found that listening to it made my long runs much more enjoyable. The time flew by and I was able to stick with my grueling training schedule. I eagerly paid the low monthly fee after the trial ended so I could get more best-selling audio books for my runs as well as my commute to work. The quality and selection were so great that I didn’t mind that my free audio book trial had ended.

Another legal way to get a free audio book is to join sites that have a huge selection of classic books that are now part of the public domain. Unlike newer books, these books were published decades ago and their copyright has expired. Therefore they are essentially owned by the public and can be offered as a free audio book because no royalties have to be paid to the author. Personally, I really enjoy more recent best-sellers but my wife loves some of the old classics like the Jane Austen books that are part of the public domain.

So those are a couple of options if you have been wanting to try audio books and would prefer to start off with a free audio book. Be careful though, it is very easy to get hooked! You’ll soon find yourself listening to your audio books every chance you get. They are the perfect invention if you love to read but are super busy like me!

Free Audio Book

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