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I love audio books and have a ton of them; both the physical CD versions, as well as many free downloadable audio books which I obtained during my trial membership of many online audio book sites. My wife and children also love them. Some we have listened to as a family, which is a great way to spend time together. And we each have our own selection that fit our personal tastes. With the trial periods of our memberships on various sites, we’ve been able to get several free downloadable audio books. Since I spend a fortune on audio books, getting free downloadable audio books is always a real bonus!

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As much as I love getting them for free from time to time, I must warn you that you have to use caution when it comes to free downloadable audio books. While the internet is amazing in terms of the incredible convenience it provides as well as the immediate access to an infinite array of information and products, it can also be a bit of a mine field at times. Thousands of free downloadable audio books are offered by unscrupulous individuals and companies all the time. Unfortunately, unless it is part of a trial offer or the free downloadable audio books are part of the public domain, downloading them is usually illegal.

My lovely but naïve and unsuspecting 14 year old daughter almost fell prey to this type of scheme not long ago. Like me, she loves books but much prefers to listen to them on her iPod rather than actually sit down and read. She was very excited when she came across a website that offered the entire Harry Potter series as free downloadable audio books, along with several of her other favorites. Fortunately she said something first, and I quickly took a look at the site.

Now unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, you know that the Harry Potter books have broken sales records over and over every time a new one is released. I knew it was very unlikely that these books were legitimately available as free downloadable audio books, at least not the entire series. Many sites do have an initial two week trial period during which time you can download a recent best-seller for free. Usually though, only one or two is the limit. Seven would be unheard of.

Brilliantly recognizing this as a perfect teaching opportunity, I had my daughter do a little research on the legalities of free downloadable audio books along with copyright laws. I wanted her to understand that not everyone plays by the rules, especially online, and that if you aren’t careful, you can get yourself in hot water pretty fast. After she did her research we talked about why the offer was not legal. We also discussed that while it is great to take advantage of the wonderful free trials that many sites offer, it is also not okay to just join them, get your free downloadable audio books, and then cancel a couple of days later.

My daughter, being of course incredibly intelligent just like her father, got it. We then did some searching together and found the entire, unabridged Harry Potter series available as an audio book. These weren’t free downloadable audio books, of course. Far from it! I told her I would purchase it on the condition that we first listen to them as a family on our upcoming vacation which was going to involve a lot of long hours in the car. She happily agreed, I got brownie points, and my daughter learned a valuable lesson about the internet. She has since gotten a couple of free downloadable audio books from a legitimate site that she joined. And Harry Potter will be first on the audio agenda on our trip!

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