James Bond Audio Books

My wife, Lisa, absolutely loves the James Bond audio books. I think she secretly has a crush on both Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan (of course I am much more handsome than either of those guys!) so I’ve no doubt she pictures them whenever she listens to James Bond audio books. I, of course, just like James Bond audio books for the exciting plot twists and turns.

We have the James Bond audio books in various formats including cassettes, CDs and a few as MP3s for our iPods. They are packed with action and great fun to listen to. Lisa loves to listen to them whenever she travels for business. I enjoy listening to the James Bond audio books when I’m doing boring tasks around the house. I secretly pretend I am James Bond on an important mission while listening to them! Nothing like some fun fantasy to occupy my mind while doing mundane stuff.

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There are three James Bond audio books we both especially enjoy. My favorite is Goldfinger, written by Ian Fleming with John Kenneth. Goldfinger centers around a villainous character named Auric Goldfinger, and a dangerous man named Oddjob who is following him. The setting is Europe. This favorite of the James Bond audio books is full of suspense. There is a dramatic game of golf and a game of cards with dangerous stakes.

James Bond audio books tend to push the limits of believability, just as Goldfinger did when James Bond nearly ended up cut in half by a saw! My wife hated that part but I thought it added to the fun of the story. After all, they are fiction! The DVD movie version of this one of the James Bond audio books is also really good.

Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds Are Forever, written by Ian Fleming, is another one of the James Bond audio books that my wife really likes. While I personally don’t think it is one of Fleming’s best, Lisa likes it because the author focuses on the characters a bit more. The villains are not quite so evil in this book, and there isn’t as much action. But Diamonds Are Forever is still a very enjoyable audio book.

Tomorrow Never Dies

Lisa and I both really like Tomorrow Never Dies. Unlike most James Bond audio books this one is not written by Fleming. The authors are Raymond Benson and John Kenneth. The book version of Tomorrow Never Dies is far superior to the movie version, which was a bit disappointing in my opinion. The movie was a huge hit so needless to say the audio book is spectacular!

There are several other James Bond audio books which I highly recommend if you are a James Bond fan. These are

• Thunderball
• Octupussy
• Dr. No
• Die Another Day
• The Spy Who Loved Me
• Live and Let Die
• Moonraker
• From Russia with Love
• Nobody Lives Forever
• Colonel Sun
• The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book.

James Bond Audio Books

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