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I have always loved reading, but being so busy I usually opt to listen to audio books.  Audio books have become a huge part of my life, and I listen to audio books every chance I get.  And of course what is really great is I can easily listen while doing all sorts of activities.  For example, I can listen to audio books while cleaning out the garage, or while I am at the gym or when going for a run.  My wife loves audio books also and sometimes we will listen to audio books together as a way of relaxing and spending time together.

I especially love to listen to audio books that really impact my life in one way or another.  Often when I listen to audio books it is just for entertainment but there are also many times I listen for inspiration, comfort and motivation.   There is one audio book in particular that I’d like to tell you about, as it touches me deeply every time I listen to it.

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This phenomenal audio book is titled The Last Lecture.  As a father and as a man, when I listen to audio books like this they really impact me.  The author of this book is the late Randy Pausch, a former college professor.  He was diagnosed with terminal cancer and had just a few months to live.  There was no cure for his illness.  He had a wife and young children, and he knew his time was very limited.  I found that to be heartbreaking as I listened to this poignant talk by such a courageous man.

The Last Lecture is an intensely thought-provoking and beautifully eloquent audio book of the speech given by this professor.  But even though he was dying, death wasn’t the topic of his lecture.  Rather, he talked about living every day to its fullest and never taking time for granted.  The title of his lecture was “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams”, which so many of us fail to do as we go through life.  I know I have been guilty of losing sight of many of my dreams, so it is good for me to listen to audio books like this.

We all have dreams, especially as children.  But then we get caught up in the day to day challenges of life and as time goes on we forget about or give up on so many of those dreams.  And before we know it we are old and opportunities have passed, leaving us with many regrets as we ponder how we might have lived life differently.  Randy Pausch’s lecture is a powerful reminder to not do that and to pursue those dreams.  When I listen to audio books like this I am reminded how precious my life is.

I couldn’t imagine knowing I was going to die so young, leaving my lovely wife and children behind.  It is rare for tears to fill my eyes when I listen to audio books, but this one had just that effect.  I listen to audio books such as this when I need to regain perspective and check my priorities.  The Last Lecture always helps me do just that.  I highly recommend this phenomenal audio book.

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