Nora Roberts Audio Books

If you like a juicy combination of romance and suspense, you will definitely enjoy Nora Roberts audio books.  My wife of course really likes Nora Roberts audio books because she loves romance.  I enjoy them for the mystery and intrigue which Roberts brilliantly weaves throughout her stories.  Lisa wanted me to write about her three favorites of the Nora Roberts audio books series so these reviews actually from her.  (And of course being the devoted husband I am I told her I’d be more than happy to use her reviews!)

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Black Hills

The first of the Nora Roberts audio books in my wife’s reviews is Black Hills. Roberts did not use a co-author in writing this book.  This is a very engaging audio book.  The characters have depth and Roberts does a great job of portraying their attitudes and emotions as well as their weak points.  The story centers on Lil, a woman who runs a wild-life refuge and has a passion for wild animals.  A man she loved years ago comes back into her life in an attempt to reunite with her.  There’s also the vengeful killer who wants her dead.   While the story tends to be slightly predictable, this is one of the best Nora Roberts audio books and you’ll really enjoy it if you love animals.  Be sure to include Black Hills in your Nora Roberts audio books collection.


Lisa’s second favorite of the many Nora Roberts audio books is Tribute, which Roberts co-wrote with Jennifer Van Dyck.  This book is very well written although there were a few brief parts that seemed more filler than meat.  The story revolves around the unusual relationship between Cilla, a former child star and Ford, an artist. Like all Nora Roberts audio books the story is an excellent romantic mystery.  Cilla’s life is in danger as she tries to uncover the real story of how her grandmother died.  According to Lisa, Tribute definitely deserves 5 stars!


Sanctuary is Lisa’s third favorite of the Nora Roberts audio books.  Sanctuary is written by Nora Roberts and Sandra Burr.  Sanctuary is a romantic thriller filled with a variety of characters, including a very scary villain who has a history of both murder and rape.  Lisa says Sanctuary kept her literally on the edge of her set until the very last page. 

Lisa loves listening to the Nora Roberts audio books particularly when she is tired and wants to unwind, letting herself just get lost in the story.  Sometimes I find her listening to and she is so engrossed in the story that she doesn’t even realize I’ve come into the room.  Sigh…to take back set to Nora Roberts audio books!  Oh well, there could be much worse things to compete with for her attention!  

There are several other Nora Roberts audio books that Lisa highly recommends.  Many of these are CD collections.  Lisa’s list: 

• Chesapeake Bay CD Collection
• Circle Trilogy CD Collection
• Dream Trilogy CD Collection
• Born in Trilogy CD Collection
• In the Garden CD Collection
• Sign of Seven CD Collection
• Three Sisters Island Collection
• Black Hills
• The Villa
• Vision in White
• The Hollow.

Nora Roberts Audio Books

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