Peter Pan Audio Books

If you haven’t listened to the Peter Pan audio books, you have truly missed out on a real treat.  My wife and I have really enjoyed sharing the Peter Pan audio books with our two children over the years.  My daughter and son absolutely loved them growing up, and the CDs are practically worn out from so much use.  They loved the Peter Pan audio books so much that two years in a row when they were quite young they dressed up as Peter Pan and Wendy for Halloween!

I didn’t really appreciate the Peter Pan audio books until I learned more about the history of the story and its author, J.M. Barrie, a talented writer from Scotland.  I never knew that Peter Pan was initially performed as a play in London clear back in 1904.  It’s amazing to think that the story on which the Peter Pan audio books are based is over a century old! 

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But what made me appreciate the Peter Pan audio books even more was when I learned that 25 years later, in 1929, J. M. Barrie transferred the rights to this whimsical and ageless story over to a hospital.  So for the last 80 years the Great Ormond Street Hospital gets the royalties from every theatrical performance of Peter Pan.  It also gets royalties for all the Peter Pan audio books sales as wells as the sales of all other Peter Pan books, DVDs, etc.  Also, Sir Barrie asked the hospital to never reveal the amount of money that these royalties would raise over the years.  According to records, the hospital has graciously honored his request.  You can only imagine the millions and millions of dollars that have been raised from the sales of Peter Pan audio books, toys, regular books and other products!

While there are numerous versions of the Peter Pan audio books in terms of abridged and unabridged, as well as various actors and other narrators for the , there are really only two books. The first of the Peter Pan audio books is the classic Peter Pan, the story of a magical young boy who refuses to ever grow up, the Lost Boys, Captain Hook, and the three children from the Darling family, Michael, Wendy and John who he teaches to fly.  It is a delightful story of their adventures together and the magical place called Neverland.  

The second of the Peter Pan audio books is actually a sequel to Peter Pan titled Peter Pan in Scarlet.  The author of this second book is the very talented Geraldine McCaughrean.  Peter Pan in Scarlet is a delightful sequel because the story helps fill in some of the gaps from the original tale.  McCaughrean does an excellent job of providing the listener with more background on all the characters.  When you listen to these two Peter Pan audio books close together, you have an even richer story that is incredibly delightful.  I highly recommend both of these enchanting Peter Pan audio books, especially if you have kids! 

Peter Pan Audio Books

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