Renting Audio Books

Renting audio books is a lot of fun and is also a really great alternative if you are a busy person. My wife and I both have very demanding careers, plus two children so we just don’t have time to sit down and read a book very often. Although we like to purchase most of our audio books, we do belong to a couple of audio books sites where renting audio books is their specialty. We like renting audio books when we aren’t sure we want to buy the book to add to our audio library.

Renting audio books works much like renting DVDs online. You join with a monthly membership plan and pay a fee every month. Many audio book rental sites have two or three different plans. You decide which plan is best suited to you in terms of how often you plan to be renting audio books. Some sites allow you an initial free trial period where you can rent one or two audio books for no charge and then either cancel or join. The free trial period is really a great way to get a feel for the site and decide if you like their service and selection.

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Because you are renting audio books rather than buying them, they are not available as downloads. They send them to you in the mail in CD format and as soon as you are done you return it in the mail. You can’t rent the next audio book until the previous one is returned. Some sites prefer that you have an ongoing list of books that you are interested in when renting audio books. Each time they send you one it will be from your list.

Renting audio books is a really inexpensive way to access a lot of audio books at a very reasonable cost. I’ve had many friends who started out by renting audio books first. Many of them quickly started realizing how great audio books are and started purchasing them instead so they could listen to them again at a later date. Others just enjoy renting them from time to time. Either way it’s a great way to go.

One of my wife’s recent experiences with renting audio books was a book she really enjoyed. The book was In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto. Being a caring wife and mom who always wants to keep her family healthy, she enjoys books about healthy eating and nutrition. But she has also learned that there are a lot of books that she doesn’t really want to buy. So, for her, renting audio books like this makes good sense. She actually really enjoyed this book, but of course as a result she’s “banned” all the fun foods from the house and now I have to sneak them!

Anyway, if you have never tried audio books, try renting audio books first and I guarantee you will really enjoy them!

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