Stephen King Audio Books

I don’t know about you, but I love to listen to horror stories that give me a good spine-tingling chill.  And no one does horror better than Stephen King audio books!  I have almost all of them.  My wife and I love listening to these together.  Of course she has to listen to them with me because they’re too scary to listen to alone!  Following are three of my favorite Stephen King audio books.

Just After Sunset: Stories

The first of my favorite Stephen King audio books is Just After Sunset: Stories.  This is a superb book filled with several of his best short stories.  Some of these stories were written years ago.  Clearly he has remained a master storyteller over the years, churning out gripping tales, each with its own unique twist. 

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As a father, I found Harvey’s Dream to be one of the most chilling stories in this Stephen King collection.  It is about a father who has a prophetic dream about his daughter’s death.  The Cat from Hell was particularly unnerving.  It’s about a murderous cat that kills the man who was hired to kill it…and then goes after the man who hired him. Definitely made me wonder what goes on in our cat’s head!  All the stories in Just After Sunset: Stories are riveting…definitely one of the best Stephen King audio books.  I highly recommend this as a great place to start if you’ve never listen to any Stephen King audio books.  It will definitely whet your appetite for more!

The Shining

Of course my list of favorite Stephen King audio books would not be complete without The Shining.  The Shining is truly horror at its finest.  Of all the Stephen King audio books, this is both my wife’s and my favorite.  We love listening to this together on a dark, stormy winter night to get the full terrifying effect. When I am being especially mischievous I give her my creepy imitation of Jack Torrance, the wickedly insane main character in The Shining. 

Shawshank Redemption

Although most of the Stephen King audio books are of the horror genre, Shawshank Redemption is another absolute favorite of mine that fits in an entirely different category.  The story revolves around a quiet banker, Andy, who was wrongly convicted of murdering his wife and sentenced to life at Shawshank prison in the late 1940’s.  The story covers his nearly 27 years there and his ultimate brilliant escape. 

It is a poignant depiction of the true strength of the human spirit under the worst of circumstances.  When I listen to this book I often wonder how I would handle such a cruel injustice.  Of all my favorite Stephen King audio books, Shawshank Redemption has one of the most triumphant endings of all…which always leaves me feeling good after I listen to it.

If you love horror, the Stephen King audio books are definitely some of the best you will ever find.  Just don’t listen to them home alone at night…you will have a hard time falling asleep!  Following are several of my favorite Stephen King audio books:

Salem’s Lot, The Gingerbread Girl, The Gunslinger, Wizard and Glass, Insomnia, Carrie, The Talisman, Dreamcatcher, Stationery Bik, The Gingerbread Girl

Stephen King Audio Books

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