Twilight Audio Books

I really enjoy the Twilight audio books!  I remember watching the hit TV series, Dark Shadows, when I was a kid.  That was my introduction to the world of vampires, and I’ve been a fan ever since.  My wife actually purchased the Twilight audio books (women absolutely love these as they have a lot of romance!) and I ended up listening to hers.  Much to my surprise (as romance isn’t really my favorite genre) I really enjoyed them.  This is probably because they are also about a vampire, which gives them that fantasy aspect which is more my thing.

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There are four books in the Twilight audio books series, beautifully written by Stephanie Meyer.  She is a superb story teller.  The Twilight audio books focus on two main characters:  a teenage girl named Isabella (or Bella for short) and Edward, a handsome fellow who just happens to be a vampire.  Bella meets Edward when she moves to a small town in Washington, and her life is turned upside down when she falls in love with him.  Following are my brief reviews of each of the Twilight audio books.

1. Twilight

The first book in the part fantasy romance, part supernatural Twilight audio books series is Twilight. The story is told from the perspective of young Bella.  My wife and daughter especially love this story because it is every girl’s fantasy.  After listening to the two of them go on and on about the incredibly charming Edward (a blood sucking vampire no less!) I of course had to listen myself to see what all the fuss was about!
Bella does tend to be a bit whiney in this book, but after all she is a teenage girl.  Having a teenage daughter myself, that certainly wasn’t surprising.  Of course I won’t allow my daughter to fall in love until she’s 35, and vampires are strictly off limits!  All in all I did enjoy the first of the Twilight audio books.

2. New Moon

Book two of the Twilight audio books is New Moon.  Ironically, it has a very different feel than the first book.  In this book we have Bella devastated when Edward, despite his promise to the contrary, ends the relationship.  In her fierce resolution to not forget him, she does all sorts of wild things (like diving off cliffs!).  She develops a close friendship with a young man named Jacob, who ends up joining a frightening cult.  This second book was both gripping and humorous, and often had me on the edge my seat eager to see what came next.  Of the series, this was my favorite. 

3.   Eclipse

Eclipse is next in the series of Twilight audio books.  Like the previous two, this one is also very enjoyable.  Much to the delight of my wife and daughter, the love between Bella and Edward is not over.  It carries the classic theme that true love lasts forever and is worth holding onto no matter what the cost.  I won’t go into the details here but it definitely made me look forward to the next one.  (I might add that my wife and daughter have listened to this third book of the Twilight audio books at least three times now, as it was their favorite!)

4. Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn is the last book of the Twilight audio books, and like the previous three, was enjoyable if not a bit predictable in its happy ending.  But after all, this is fiction!  And let’s face it; do you really expect “reality” in a story about paranormal characters like vampires?  This book provided some of Jacob’s view point, which was interesting and oddly refreshing.  It had some powerfully gripping moments which kept me hooked until the end. 

All in all I would say the Twilight audio books are definitely worth buying, especially as a gift for your wife (or girlfriend) or teenage daughter. Just be aware that you might be compared to a ridiculously perfect vampire! They will love it and you will definitely win points for the gift! 

Twilight Audio Books

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